The world you fundraise in has fundamentally shifted—your supporters are hyper-connected, live inside personal feeds, and are continually ambushed with messages vying for their attention. These shifts have made it challenging to cultivate donor relationships and reach new donors.

community-driven fundraising

However, many organizations are thriving within our new reality by rethinking how they approach fundraising and adopting a new playbook: community-driven fundraising.

During this 45-minute live training we’ll show you exactly how you can too by highlighting how leaders at arts, animal, and advocacy to cancer, crisis relief, and community-service nonprofits are successfully leveraging peer-to-peer initiatives to strengthen donor relationships and reach new donors.

Learning Objectives

  • A history of fundraising and trends impacting fundraising today
  • Highlight shifts in donor preferences across generations (and what to do about it) 
  • Why community-driven or peer-to-peer fundraising is not a tactic but rather an approach you can incorporate into fundraising efforts all year
  • Different types of community-driven fundraising initiatives and how to effectively plan and coordinate into your fundraising plan
  • How to activate and rally your supporters to advocate for your cause, helping you reach new donors